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I collaborate closely with my clients to attain optimal results. My design approach ensures that every creation I produce is in harmony with the client’s brand ethos and resonates effectively with their intended audience. I extend my graphic design services to clients across the world and speak fluent English, German, and Croatian. My expertise centers around the following key areas:

  • Branding • Brand Identity, Logo Design, Brand Guidelines, Art Direction
  • Print Design • Editorial, Stationery, Collateral, Publications, Posters, Illustration
  • Digital Design • Web & App Design, UI & UX
  • Spatial • Signage, Way-finding, Exhibition & Event


“In design, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, as each project often requires a slightly different approach. However, the essence of my design process remains consistent. It provides a framework that everyone can follow, ensures understanding, and maintains focus. This process essentially consists of the following five flexible steps that can adapt to the specific requirements of each project. Learn more about each step:


This is the crucial phase as it lays the foundation for every project. Here, I work closely with you to understand your needs, the challenges you’re facing, and the desired outcome. Together, we develop the best course of action and proceed into the design phase well-informed and with clear objectives.


In this phase, I put the plan developed in the first phase into action. Regardless of the desired design outcome, I ensure that the agreed-upon brief and strategy are always at the forefront, never losing sight of the end goal. At the end of this phase, I present the design concepts to gather your feedback.


After receiving the designs, you have the opportunity to provide feedback. Here, we can discuss any necessary changes, ensure all requirements are met, and address any open questions. Subsequently, I refine the final design ready for approval.


Once you’re satisfied with the design and final approval has been given, I conclude the project. This includes preparing and providing all final files, typically in the form of a digital download link. The deliverables may vary depending on the project, but I supply all necessary file formats and accommodate specific requirements.


Finally, I want to emphasize that I’m available to support my clients even after the project has officially ended. My inbox is always open, even when a project is formally closed. For certain projects, such as logo design, I offer concrete assistance in the form of digital guidelines to ensure you utilize your logo effectively and achieve maximum impact.”

About me

Trained in visual communication in Krefeld, Germany, I earned my Diploma in graphic design in 2004. My journey in the world of design commenced back in 2002 when I embarked on an internship at Frog Design in Düsseldorf, Germany, which smoothly transitioned into my first full-time role there.

In 2007, I embraced a new adventure, joining TBWA in London, where I predominantly focused on projects for the PlayStation department. This chapter of my career continued until 2011 when I relocated to Japan to contribute my skills at Dentsu, Tokyo.

Following my return to Germany in 2015, I became part of the creative team at we.CONECT in Berlin. Then, from 2021 onwards, I’ve been flourishing as a freelance designer living in Croatia.

Brands I worked for